MR. NAVIN M RAHEJA Managing Director

Being a builder is not just about putting up concrete structures, collecting money and making the balance sheets grow in figures and numbers. Rather, It is about shouldering a much larger social responsibility wherein a person's life earnings are at stake for a shelter of his dreams or a commercial base to flourish. We should not aim at constructing buildings with just brick and mortar, but with feelings and a goal to deliver the best. We must make a difference in the life of every person and uplift society benchmarks so that we are able to create a better tomorrow for everyone. Our organization would first like to become a better citizen of the society before becoming World's best construction company.

It is my honour to be able to serve my country by delivering homes to thousands of people and make a difference in their life. I have been working day and night for the past 40 years to perform my duties.

I am proud and equally elated to find out that all my customers who have invested in my projects have benefitted with the appreciation and benefits they got over the years just due to the advantageous location and worth of their apartments. This gave me a vision to reach out and make a difference in the lives of the poor and downtrodden too. And with the blessings of the almighty I could make this dream true, when in 2014, my company in Public Private Partnership with Delhi Development Authority , ventured into developing Delhi’s first In- Situ slum rehabilitation colony, providing 2800 flats to the dwellers of ,the Kathputli colony located in Shadipur Depot, Delhi. The project is under construction and will soon be delivered to all the families.

I have always believed that this beautiful planet belongs to all the species created by the almighty. We need to conserve, educate and remind one and another that this planet belongs to all of us. And I have practiced this ideology in my life with conservation of wildlife too. This has been achieved by contributing in protecting the tigers in India and producing various wildlife and nature films and documentaries in the last four decades. Apart from succeeding in the revival of the tiger, we have created over 150 wildlife films that have run through National Geographic, DD National, DD International, ABP News and currently ‘Wild Wild India’ on Epic Channel.


MRS. SANGEETA KUMARI Independent Director