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Everything you need to know about Cisco CCIE Lab exam
Are you preparing to take the Cisco CCIE lab exam? Do you find it difficult to understand the details of the lab examination? If so, scroll down to find all the details you need to pass this most difficult IT exam. Every Cisco aspirant is aware that they must pass the CCIE lab exam after passing the CCIE written exam. This is the simplest way to get your Cisco CCIE number. However, there are many other details you need to know as a Cisco CCIE candidate. Let's take a look at them. -#1 CCIE Lab Examination - An overview
The CCIE lab exam is an 8-hour practical examination that validates the candidate's real knowledge and skills. It is eight hours long. You don't have to sit for the examination for eight hours. You will be allowed to take a break during the examination. The proctor will announce the time and place for the break or meal in advance. Below are the three sections of CCIE R&S exam and CCIE Security Lab exam.
Diagnostic section
Section Configuration
Each section must be completed within the time limit. The first section T-shoot takes 2 hours, the second section Diagnostic takes half an hour, and the final section, i.e. The first section T-shoot is 2 hours long, the second section Diagnostic is about 30 minutes, and the last section, i.e., is about 1 hour. #2 When can you take the CCIE Lab exam.
After passing your CCIE written exam, schedule your Cisco Lab exam. After passing the CCIE written exam, you must pass your CCIE Lab exam within three year. Another thing to remember is that you must pass the CCIE Lab exam within 18 months of passing the Cisco CCIE Written exam. To pass the lab exam, you need to practice well and follow these expert's tips.
There are not many Cisco CCIE Lab exam centers around the world. There are only nine Cisco lab exam locations around the globe. You will need to travel outside your borders to find the nearest CCIE exam center. Here's the complete list: Bangalore, India
Beijing, PRC
Brussels, Belgium
Dubai, UAE
Hong Kong, PRC
San Jose, USA
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo, Japan
#4 CCIE Lab Exam Fee or Cost
The Cisco CCIE Lab Exam Fee or Cost is USD 1600 per attempt. You heard it right. If you fail the lab examination on the first attempt, you will need to pay the CCIE lab exam fee again to take the exam. This is the updated fee that Cisco recently introduced. Only the cost of taking the CCIE exam is included in the lab exam fee. To reserve a spot in the CCIE Lab Exam Schedule, you must pay the entire fee before the deadline of 90 days. If you fail to pay the fee by the due date, your name will be removed from the Cisco CCIE Lab exam schedule. You can cancel your exam booking within 90 days. However, you can request a reschedule before the 90-day period. The full payment must be made for the same candidate. #5 How do you check your CCIE Lab Exam results?
Online access to your CCIE exam results is easy. CCIE exam results can be accessed online within 48 hours. This means that you don't have to wait for days. CCIE Lab results can be either passed or failed. However, failing the exam will result in a failing score report. This report highlights the main topics you should study and focus on.