Riyasat Hills- One of its kind farmlands launched by Raheja Developers is the next big exciting project in Delhi/NCR

With the current state of affairs of the Covid-19 pandemic, the long delay for vaccination and the addition in the number of positive cases every day, even our daily farm supply carries a high risk of spreading the virus. As never before, the need for safe living is gaining significance. Raheja Developers has created ready for delivery ‘Riyasat Hills Farmlands’, which would help customers in meeting most of their daily needs for fresh and green vegetables/fruits/pulses as well as poultry, fish, milk, etc. in their effort to provide people with the benefit of consuming organic goods.

The farmlands are distributed over 100 acres and are located near Sector 95B in one of Gurugram’s highest capital appreciation areas.
Raheja Developers has positioned it very competitively despite being one of its kind ventures, and one can take possession immediately in his / her favor after the execution of freehold Sales Deed. Farmlands are sold by the company in 1-acre sizes and beyond, which will provide customers with endless opportunities. The farmlands could be used for Organic Farming, Dairy Farming / Poultry Farming, maintaining Plant Nursery and practicing Apiculture, Horticulture, etc.
For the same reason, Raheja Developers aimed to reel-in specialist agencies, understanding very well that cultivation is not something anyone can do. An outsourced specialist organization will administer the planting and harvest management services in compliance with the buyer’s requirements to take care of farming and related operations. The agency would also help to farm on a larger scale, and further help to sell the produce in the market to generate good income,” said Mr Achal Raina, COO, Raheja Developers.

Connectivity Benefits of the Project Location-
-The most important benefit provided by ‘Riyasat Hills Farmlands’ is that it is well-connected to different parts of Gurugram and Delhi, but still away from the city’s hustle and bustle.
-The site also connects to the New Delhi-Jaipur Super Expressway, only a few minutes away from the elite residential areas of Delhi and Gurugram.
-To its North lies Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary; West -KundliManesarPalwal (KMP) Expressway.
-To its South is New Delhi and the Residential Sectors of 80 to 90s – Gurugram; while Dwarka Expressway on the East to these farmlands.

About Raheja Developers-
Raheja Developers is one of the real estate sector’s fastest-growing businesses. The real estate business ranges in the form of residential, retail, multiplex, industrial, hospitality, etc. The group has produced and delivered 26 million sq. ft so far. Primarily residential and commercial ventures, including villas, plotted construction, and hotel properties. Currently approx. 27 million sq. ft. is under execution the on-going & plans, which are at various stages of deliberations while the land bank count spans over 400 acres.

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