Raheja Developers- Adding Sparkle To Your Navratri

Navratri is a nine-day long festival celebrated in India with enthusiasm and zeal. The festival involves the worshipping of nine incarnations of the Goddess Durga. We celebrate Navratri twice a year; Chaitra Navratri usually falls from March to April, and Shadiya Navratri is traditionally celebrated in October or November. In India, this period is considered auspicious to buy new assets in invest in properties. With the onset of this festival, real estate developers come up with multiple offers and unique benefits for their investors. 

Usually, many developers offer discounts on their property prices during their auspicious festival season. Generally, offers last for a limited period or specific days. Developers offer free gifts during the time, and also the realtors look forward to starting the new season with new projects. They start construction for residential or commercial properties and offer discounts and gifts. 

Banks also encourage property buyers during Navratras by offering several schemes like lower interest rates, releasing processing fees, fostering loan processing, etc. Indeed, these days are considered highly auspicious for all the Indians, and they agree to purchase during the time. According to ancient history, this time is believed to bring good luck, luxury, and wealth to the buyer. Especially in the real estate sector, one sees a massive boom during these nine days of the festival. 

Below are the top reasons that let you invest in Real estate:

Benefits for Home Loan Applicants

During this time, real estate developers are ready to woo home buyers, and so are bankers. Banks have started lower home loan rates with the increasing growth in property and purchases at Navratri. Many banks also waive administrative and processing fees. Loan schemes are also part of this, where borrowers and facilitated with lower EMI, higher ticket size, and longer tenure. During the season, demand rises, and loan interest takes a dip. Taking a loan during this time is favourable and profitable fr buyers. 

Auspicious Days Of Buying

It is believed to follow the 'Shubh Mahurata' in India while finalizing your buying property. Navratri is the most auspicious Indian occasion to purchase anything new or do something new. Navratri is the most auspicious time for puja, mantra-anushthan, muhurta, or recent happening accomplished during this time is regarded as lucky and prosperous. All nine days of Navratri are auspicious, have sacred importance, and are perfect for taking the plunge into home buying.

Buyer's market

During festivals, the real estate market shifts into a buyer's market where many developers thrive on closing the sale during the quarter and thus come up with attractive deals and offers. As a buyer, one gets a diverse choice of proposals, submissions, plans, discounts, and prices. You have the upper hand when investing in real estate during Navratri, as you can make your decision after comparing the offers and bargaining the prices with the developer.

Exciting Offers & Discounts

This Hindu Festival comes with new excitement, new energy, and new wishes. Many buyers buy their homes during the Navratri time and book their dream places. Considering the increasing demand, many developers deal in exciting offers, discounts, and gifts that make it lucrative for buyers. 

As one of the best developers in Delhi, NCR, Raheja Developers have also come up with offers on our top projects where you can invest on this auspicious occasion. You can make your Navratri more exciting and win 10 Grams of Gold Coin on every booking. The top projects are Raheja Vanya, Raheja Revanta, Raheja Mall, The Leela Sky Villas, and Raheja Trinity. Also, you can book your property by paying a 5% booking amount, and it will be considered 2X.

These offers can get you the best opportunity for your lifetime with better benefits and lower investment rates. You can also avail of gifts up to Rs50K via Dart Board and 5% TP (Timely Payment Rebate). So make sure you get the best investment this Navratri with the deals with Raheja Developers. 

Raheja Developers is known as one of India's top Real Estate Developers. This brand has satisfied its customers for more than 30 years with consistent creative designs and concepts. Raheja Developers is known for its trendsetting properties, especially homes that can give you the comfort of home and a luxury lifestyle. The Leela Hotel, Tata Housing, L&T, Best Western, Ginger hotel, and a few of our national alliances. 

Raheja Developers' legacy always has been the best and aims to deliver the best in projects we create.