Mark your diaries for an exclusive Webinar Session with Raheja Developers

COVID-19 seems to be taking a toll on the commercial real estate market. To survive in this age of social distancing criteria, the real estate market, which had been rapidly expanding until the year ending, now needs to undergo design changes. Raheja Developers pulled together eminent experts from the industry in its series of webinars exclusively for the channel partners, titled ‘Navigating Through the Pandemic’; it’ll explore the complexities, further opportunities, market offers of all these commercial as well as real estate segments in Delhi/NCR.

The first webinar will be kickstarted from 5th May, where the experts will lead you through empowering business opportunities in the commercial realty sector. The entire webinar will be concerning the commercial and the residential real estate sector and how the pandemic affects the sectors. The prominent speakers/panelists who will be exchanging their views about commercial real estate in the new normal are-

1) Ms Renu Singh, Sr VP, Sales
2) Mr Adil Altaf, Sr VP, Sales & CRM
3) Mr Mohit Kalia, AVP, Sales
4) Mr Amit Kataria, VP Sales

Mr Nayan Raheja, Raheja Developers, will undoubtedly share his vote of thanks speech, marking an end of the webinar.
Overall, studying the buyer preferences in the market, the real estate developers must be swift in transforming to distinct techniques, digital marketing of the properties, generating friendly payment plans & also coming up with lucrative offers to entice the customers.
Raheja Developers, today, the Group has a rich inheritance spanning over more than 30 years. Best from the inception until today, the brand has advanced leaps and bounds and is importantly rooted to the ground by a shared thought, perfection, and credos.
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