Investing in Real Estate: A Worthy Play

Finding a good investment project is always a daunting task as an investment is the home of risk and returns, sometimes higher or lower. An investment is a combination of returns and risks because everything is not always sunshine and rainbows. Risk and returns go hand-in-hand, so it becomes essential to invest in the property that generates higher returns.

Such investment can be made in the real estate sector. As India is one of the favourite destinations for many handsome investors, the country has always been rich in exploring new edges of real estate investment. Real estate investments are the ultimate goal of an investor to maximize returns being in the risk mitigation at the same time.

Real estate is known to be the safest place to invest after figuring out the suitable investment that fits the profile and needs.

The right property defines when an investor gets the distinct advantages of buying a property. The real estate sector is divided into four subcategories: housing, retail, commercial and hospitality.

Many developers are working on creating higher return investment properties for their investors to generate mutual benefit. Investing in real estate, especially in the residential sector, proves to be the right investment opportunity.

The construction industry in India is one of the major sectors that drive the economy. India’s real estate sector is the second-highest employment generator after the agrarian. The growth in the real estate market gives a continuous increase in the demand for properties across the length and breadth of the country, especially the metropolitan cities like Delhi, NCR.

According to a report by ICRA, growth in the real estate sector is going to rise over time. The market size is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2030.

Raheja Developers has been working towards creating the best investment properties with maximum customer satisfaction. The developers aim to provide high-end luxury, world-class amenities within a safer and securer environment. Raheja Developers is one of India’s largest real estate groups, holding a legacy of more than 20 years of path-breaking statuses. Raheja Developers has been a trendsetter for so many developers in the field of construction, innovation, design, architecture, cinema and hotels. They believe in delivering the best, creating value for money for everyone.

Raheja Revanta and Raheja Vanya are the two exemplary projects of the Raheja Developers developing in the Millenium city Gurgram, setting up the new investment opportunities for the investors.

Raheja Revanta is an extraordinary project by Raheja Developers, constructed by Arabtec, the makers of the World’s tallest tower, BurjKhalifa, Dubai. The project location is proximate to proposed 5-star hotels, golf courses, shopping malls and office developments. Raheja Revanta is your property if you are looking for an internationally inspired property.

Raheja Vanya is another excellent project by Raheja Developers, inspired by Singapore based Architect. The property is designed with the latest construction technology with a massive Skypark with entertainment. Raheja Vanya is designed with the concept of one of the greenest housing in India.

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The property is conceptualized to Aedas Singapore, the world-renowned architectural and design powerhouse.

Raheja Developers aims to bring new innovations and construction to every project. Their motto is to deliver as promised, design innovative green buildings, and bring international construction and technology partners like Arabtec, ECC, ThrontonTomasetti, Peri, Aedas to India.