Celebrating the massive success of the most talked offer in the town- ZabarDus 10/10

Raheja Developers came up with the most exciting offers in the recent past, which the entire Delhi/NCR witnessed. Raheja Developers holds lucrative & secured commercial projects in its ever-glowing crown. With its unique drive in India’s real estate history, Raheja Developers has come up with one of the fantastic record offers in the realm of the real estate sector.

The ZabarDus 10/10 offer was launched in advent to the commercial projects developed by Raheja Developers. This historic offer is the euphoric moment to seize the golden chance to invest in Delhi/NCR’s best commercial properties, which helps to avail the 10/10′ offer by Raheja Developers, which lets one book the commercial property at the most coveted destinations of Delhi/NCR.

The offer has the following attractions-

  • 10% rentals for 10 years*
  • Zabardast location choices
  • Zabardast brands
  • Zabardast retail spaces

The benefits of the Zabar-Dus 10/10 indicate 10% rentals for a period of 10 years as real estate investment is one of the most trusted & best investments than any other conventional investment method such as fixed deposits, gold, stocks, etc.

Here are a few of the benefits of commercial investments-

Higher Rental Income – The rental yield in commercial property is higher than in residential property. The outcome is usually in double digits from commercial property. This is the single most considerable advantage of investing in commercial realty estate. The investment is being made solely from earning potential through rents; then, commercial property is undoubtedly better.

Ease in Dealing with Tenants-In commercial property, the renter is usually a corporate, banks, retail chains. It is comparatively simple to trade with such entities, and there is no running around to get the rent. If the tenant is a reputed bank or corporate on one floor or one section of the property, there will be an appreciation in rental yield for the rest of the property.

Steady Inflow of Income- The income from commercial property is usually regular and more consistent than in residential property. This is also a significant advantage. In the case of commercial property, the rental is somewhat assured as there is a longer lease duration.

Hence, Raheja Developers has always prevailed in the spotlight for beating its records by delivering excellent work each time. The Gurgaon-based, highly considered realty player in India boasts 27 sq. ft. acres of land bank in execution and has successfully delivered over 26 sq. ft. area. Meticulously known as India’s most bestowed player in the real estate sector, Raheja Developers converges on delivering the best quality services.